Are you committed?

Zylla Acupuncture, Tucson

Acupuncture is more than just a medicine. It is a commitment to your health. Many patients often walk into my office doors seeking relief from pain and then realize that while they are being treated for the pain, other health issues they have been struggling with are improving as well. Getting acupuncture is more than the insertion of needles. It is a process, a journey for you and your body to rediscover how it works in its optimal state. Educating people about this part of acupuncture can be tricky because in the Western medical approach it is a glance from the doctor and most likely a prescription as the quick fix. ¬†However more often than not, it isn’t a fix because it is a band aid and while it may resolve your symptoms you came in with, it is often doing damage to other organ systems in your body. Acupuncture is not a quick fix. Yes there are times when it is a one treatment miracle. And there are times when it is a four to five treatment miracle. And there are times when it is a process, an unraveling of years of neglect or overuse of the body that requires healing and discovery. A chronic condition took time to become that way and it will take time to change that pattern. I will give people a time frame of what I need to make this happen because it will happen. That it doesn’t seem so elusive in how long it may take to make your body feel better again, to make you sleep again, or move again. I will tell people that signing up for acupuncture is making a commitment to yourself, committing to your health. I will always be 120 percent committed to helping you. And the first step is you committing to you. Are you?

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