Testimonials Tucson. Acupuncture works.

Testimonials that acupuncture works.

Below are some testimonials of Zylla Acupuncture’s clients in Tucson, AZ and Boston, MA.

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9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. kathy

    I have been to many massage and acupuncture professionals. Jessica is in a league of her own. She has relieved pain from injury after 3 sessions that I thought would never go away. I considered her part of my health care team.

    She is so good that I have flown across the country to see her.

  2. Mary Ellen

    My introduction to Jessica occurred in late spring 2013 when, at the age of 75, I underwent a five-week (twice weekly) program of cosmetic acupuncture primarily to “lift the jowls.” Within three weeks I noticed that my jaw lines appeared to be tighter, and the area at the top of my cheek bones and at the side of my eyes was smoother. To my surprise, at the same time I also became aware that that my digestion had improved and I was sleeping better–bonuses I hadn’t expected!

    That summer I continued to see her every couple of weeks, primarily to address a foot-drop problem in my left ankle. In time I began to notice in increase in movement that I hadn’t enjoyed since 2001 when the injury occurred.

    I now see Jessica regularly, and the treatment alternates between acupuncture and tui na massage. In April of this year I was diagnosed with COPD—the use of both healing techniques appears to have relieved breathing difficulties that I occasionally experienced. And massage helps a pelvic-hip structural issue that is the result of a 1972 vehicle accident.

    Jessica is very important to the success of my health (and beauty!) maintenance regimen. Let’s hear it for Jessica!

    M. E.

  3. Justine

    I wish I could find the words to express how deeply I value you as a person and the exceptional quality of the work you do. The refined intuition and practical expertise you bring to your work as an acupuncturist have made a genuine difference in my life and my health.

  4. Kim S.

    Jessica is a true gift. She not only listens and addresses my needs, she also follows up on the work she has performed. Jessica truly cares about the people that she works with. She has treated me for several different things most recently has been for an accident in which I was hit by a vehicle while on my bike. I now have ruptured disc in my neck and ribs that twist out of place causing migraines and severe back pain. Jessica has helped to alleviate my pain and help get me back on my bike with little to no pain. I am truly blessed to have her in my life and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for pain relief, stress relief or wellness in general.

  5. M.M

    Jessica is Amazin, I went there long time ago, cause I was having anxiety attacks, one session
    I do not need more. Now im going again cause my feet, she is amazing!!! she knows what she is doing, she is very profesional and really care about her pacients. =)

  6. D.A

    I have to admit I always go in to see Jessica skeptical that she can help me with whatever I am needing to resolve (sinus infection, UTI, migraine, insomnia, etc…) and I am always in awe that she makes it all better! She truly is gifted and has a unique style that leaves you feeling better than you had hoped! And now I am starting cosmetic acupuncture with her and people have started to comment on how great I look, no more “tired” face, and my complexion feels new and refreshed. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll wonder where she has been all you life :)!

  7. Dave

    Boston’s loss is Tucson’s gain. Jessica is truly a gifted professional. She is able to use her knowledge and hands to give people relief and help them heal. Her presence alone offers a sense of calm and well being. When I think about the future and the possibility of relocating, Tucson is always one of my top choices so I can be near Jessica.

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