Zylla Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona. Jessica Breton Acupuncture in Boston.

Zylla Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona

Zylla Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona is owned by Jessica Breton, L.Ac. I started my acupuncture practice in 2009. Shortly after graduating from school,  I moved to Boston, MA where I built a thriving practice at Core de Vie. Today I travel back monthly to treat patients, new and old there in Boston, MA. Boston gave me the experience, skills and ability to treat a wide variety of issues and conditions. It also taught me how to get maximum results in shortest time possible.

In July 2012 my business took on the name Zylla Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona.  After two years of traveling back and forth between Boston and Tucson monthly, I decided to do Acupuncture full time in Tucson. I have now been practicing full time in Tucson for 5 years. The office of  Zylla Acupuncture is located centrally in Tucson.  I also work over at Banner Health Cancer Center,  North Campus where I treat patients undergoing cancer treatment and their caretakers.  I am proud to be a part of the Supportive Care of Healing team over there.

Acupuncture and helping people is my passion. Each person is treated as an individual and I am fully committed to obtaining successful results with acupuncture and improving the lives and community of others. I began acupuncture because I have always believed in treating the whole body. There is more than just a physical-mechanical approach to medicine. Our experiences, diet, nutrition, lifestyle all impact our bodies. I have a reputation of resolving issues and creating lasting change in the body. Most people need 4-6 treatments to see change, and 6-12 to reset a pattern. Acupuncture is not a quick fix Band-Aid. Acupuncture creates an evolution in the body enabling long lasting resolve. I pride my business and myself on obtaining results. I will always give everything I have to help.

You may contact Zylla Acupuncture- Jessica Breton, L.Ac by phone, 520-539-7243 or email, zyllaacupuncture@gmail.com.